Sunday, July 26, 2015

christmas in july ~ completely and thoroughly spoiled..... Anthea, in Chez's Christmas in July swap.  I just love everything she sent me, and she was/is so generous!

You may know, if you read Anthea's blog, that she and her family are going through a very sad time at the moment, and I wish her much love and lots of hugs. Anthea has sent me some very lovely, kind and thoughtful emails since I was diagnosed with cancer last year, and I have felt very glad to know her online, and felt quite excited my swap gifts were from her.

Here are the gorgeous parcels, wrapped in lovely paper - yes I unwrapped them while still in bed!

 ..... and here are the gorgeous things she sent me -

gorgeous 'Holly the Dolly'.....

a  lovely 'T' ornament.....

and this sweet bag.....

I got a lovely giggle out of the little note Anthea sent with her bag  - if you can't read it, it says 'a fun little goody bag... do wish someone 'piece' or 'peace'? (Take a good look at the words on the fabric!).... 
maybe it's Christmas fabric for quilters lol!

and these are gorgeous - a 'surfing Santa' knife, an angel snowglobe, and a 'Candy Cane Lane' candle 

I just loved them all.  Thank you so much Anthea!

And now I'm off for a cuppa and a lolly or two..... 
back tomorrow with what I sent to Nanette



  1. What a lovely swap Tania....fantastic presents! Mmmmm cuppa and lolly or two sounds good to me...shame I am so far away or I would be over quick smart!!

  2. Wow such lovely gifts you have received from Anthea,love the dolly,yep I am following Sue over for a cuppa,lol xx

  3. what gorgeous goodies!
    looking forward to seeing your makes next post.

  4. Great parcel of gifts. Love the surfing santa

  5. Such a delightful lot of goodies you have there.

  6. Christmas will be here before you know it - so nice that you get to celebrate a few months early, and with such a lovely bunch of packages.

  7. Lovely gifts from lovely Anthea

  8. Anthea makes the best gifts, she was my Santa Sack partner last year. Dolly is a delight, and I love the little extras she sent.

  9. such a lovely selection of gifts from Anthea...

  10. What lovely gifts from Anthea. Enjoy your goodies, Tania. xx

  11. Gorgeous gifts, Anthea sure did spoil you and very worthy of it too, enjoy. Hugs

  12. Happy Christmas in July... And gorgeous gifts received from Anthea.


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